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Covenant, a film about farm animals and us

At the Ag Success Team meeting this morning I mentioned that a film made by Michael Mercil, and using footage shot at the Wayne County Fair, has been selected for an upcoming film festival.  Some of you were interested in where the film could be viewed, and if you just search on the title you'll get another film, with a very different subject matter.  

The entire film can be viewed online here:

Minutes of the October 2013 Ag Success Team

The attached minutes were approved at the Ag Success Team meeting on 11/14/13.  The next meeting will be in January 2014.

Opportunities in agriculture recognized by top economic development organization

Published in this morning's Daily Record, Wooster, OH, see:


Harder to find non-GMO corn

Thought you'd be interested in the following:


Stinner Summit farm to institutions

Now that the semester is over and the dust is settling, and there's more produce rolling in from Ohio farms, it's a good time to rev up the farm to institutional food service project.  How is the work going on the Stinner Summit Project?

Best wishes, Casey

Best wishes on the workshop!

I hope the conference has gone very well for you all.  Sorry I wasn't able to be there and I look forward to seeing what has transpired over the last few days.  Very glad the Stinner Summit support was able to get this rolling!

Best wishes, Casey

Farm Impossible - keep up the good work!

Just a note of thanks to the Farm Impossible team.  I've been getting feedback from the grapevine that your project is making good progress and is really appreciated by the farms you're helping.  Let me know if there's anything the Agroecosystems Management Program can do to help and we'll try our best.

Best wishes, Casey

Interesting articles on meat...


Another good set of articles on meat processing...


Non-GMO Feed, replying to Warren's email

Hi all, I'm gently nudging the conversation about getting together back to the group (just click the link in the message, check to see that you're logged in, and you're ready to reply), only because it will be seen by more interested folks than just those on the email and maybe enlist a bit more participation and help.  For example, Brian Gwin has been feeding some useful information and events and Traci may know of some IFO members who'd be interested in getting involved.

Real Food, Real Local, Real Good Institute project - checking in


I'm just checking in on the "Real Food, Real Local, Real Good Institute" project proposed at the 6th Annual Stinner Summit.  Natalie Woodroofe has arranged to have Leslie Schaller help coordinate the financial support via ACEnet, but of course all of you can help support the project.  We have gone over the procedures with the OARDC Business Office and I think we're ready to make the funds flow.  Let us know what the status and plans are and if we can help in some way we'll try to make it happen.  

Best wishes for your work,

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