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Michelle Ajamian ... Aug 28, 12:44pm

Shagbark Seed & Mill, a regional scale certified organic seed and flour mill famous for using only Ohio Grown, chemical free, or certified organic crops, is in the running for a $10,000 prize from Martha Stewart's American Made contest. Please go HERE to vote up to six times a day (you must register the first time in), and help the expansion efforts of Shagbark Seed & Mill!


Thank you,


Michelle & Brandon


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Hannah Whitehead Jul 31, 12:21pm

Save the date!

Join OSU's Agroecosystem Management Program and Organic Valley on September 24th for an oilseed pressing workshop at Mellinger Farm, including a demonstration of Organic Valley's mobile seed press.

We will cold-press seed from the canola, sunflower, flax and camelina grown in research plots at Mellinger farm, and will share our experiences working with these crops. 

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Casey W. Hoy Mar 15, 5:18pm

Hale Farm and Village, in Bath, Ohio, is looking for someone who can coordinate their farm programs.  Knowlege and skill with 19th century techniques, modern animal welfare standards, and educating the public about farming would all be important attributes for the candidate.  Housing on or near Hale Farm may be available to the coordinator.  Please pass the attached position description along to those who might have the interest and ability.  (you'll need to click the link and log in to download the attachment)

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John Bailey Jun 13, 11:11am

OUR LOCALE - Please add your profile to your  state.  Seeking volunteer state administrators!

Please volunteer for your state.  We only need one admin per state and we have plenty of states left!

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John Bailey Feb 20, 3:18am

We will market the heck out of you and it will always be 100% Free.

Can you feel the Local Food Momentum starting to Grow?


We can!




John Bailey

Executive Director

Top 10 Produce LLC &

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Steve Bosserman Dec 29, 2:19pm

The Social Innovation Fund, a new public-private collaboration created by the 2009 Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, is designed to create new knowledge about how to solve social challenges in the areas of economic opportunity, youth development and school support, and healthy futures, and to improve our nation’s problem-solving infrastructure in low-income communities.

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web admin Sep 5, 1:31pm

Check out the winning ideas in this great contest that challenged people around the world to redesign their farmers markets.


One example from Los Angeles:

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Michelle Ajamian ... Aug 4, 9:50am

I'd be interested in how this may run parellel with what is going on in rural areas. I gew up in the inner city and find many of the same issues exist in rural communities, particularly here in Appalachia. I look foward to reading more about this project.


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Steve Bosserman May 10, 11:10am

Currently, there are over 320 members of the network and the number keeps growing!  Along with increasing membership comes an even wider readership by those who visit the site to catch-up on current postings or see what calendar events are going on, but not necessarily to join.  No matter what people do when they come to the site, it is evident that what brought them to it, in part, is a shared interest in what's happening within the local foods movement.

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Michelle Ajamian ... Apr 23, 6:11pm

We are looking for contacts, agencies and reguations that oversee the processing, milling, storage and sales of staple seed crops like flour, beans, oil seed, oil, etc. If anyone can point us to the right people so we can start accumlating data and regs (i.e. weights and measures, state dept of ag, etc), please post a reply here.


Michelle & Brandon

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Michelle Ajamian ... Jan 14, 12:14pm

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Steve Bosserman Dec 27, 5:04pm
What We Are Doing
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Michelle Ajamian ... Dec 26, 7:47pm

Kellogg funded this on-line course about how to frame the work of promoting local food systems. It's a commitment to sit through, but there are some key findings in the research that can inform how we talk/write/communicate about the benefits of local systems and the consequences of the mega systems that dominate our food sources.  Check it out at---

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Andrew Heinrich Sep 4, 1:24pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm posting this to the main group as well as some other group that might have interest in increasing edible perennial production in the region. 

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Casey W. Hoy Aug 22, 1:34pm

As promised, here is the text of the USDA SCRI proposal submitted last week.  Just writing the proposal was a great start on collaboration between Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and John Deere.  I'm sure the ideas in the proposal will continue to grow in other directions as well.  Please don't hesitate to engage the group, or any of the other working groups of course, if you have ideas for how to expand on these efforts beyond the proposed project.